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Job Search Assistance / Resource Centre -  Index

Give focus and structure to your job search / career development activities.

Our job search support section provides you with Everything you need to know to take charge of your career today.

Getting a job in today's global market requires a different approach and involves learning the latest job search methods and techniques.

This section provides you with key job search techniques you will use to find you next job or take your career to the next level.  The information is invaluable, indispensable and it is FREE.

 Use this job search section as a practical tool and valuable resource and you will acquire priceless job search skills that can serve you throughout your career.

See a summary of what is in  The Job Search Assistance / Resource Centre FREE job search assistance not readily available elsewhere; Includes-:

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Want a job change and it is all a bit too hard?  We have provided the tools to help you realise your potential and empower you to take control of your job search.


Job search methods not working?

One of the major hurdles of being a Career Coach is to get people to  look at

their job search or career development from another angle. If what you are doing hasn't worked in the past you need to change your job search strategy. Seems logical, don't you think?


Are you using only one or two sources for finding vacancies?

Many people are overwhelmed by the job search process and spend their time looking for jobs in one very small highly competitive section of the labour market.  However, there are many ways you can go about identifying possible career and employment opportunities and using a variety of sources. to find a job.


Not enough time to look for a your dream job?

If you have been looking for a promotion or a new job and have been unsuccessful, are you ready to change your job search methods?  If so, you will be challenged, because yesterday's methods are outdated. You need to change your mindset, and some people find this difficult. We can show you how to win a job by using the latest job search methods. Everything you need to know is on this site, and it is not just sketchy information. It is for the serious jobseeker who wants to advance their career or find the job they have trained for, or have worked for and deserve.

Current employment trends

Research conducted at the end of last year indicated that 77% of people

(out of a group of 1,000), made up their mind to change jobs in 2008!  However, events in 2009 have led to companies to cut costs and retrench workers. So changing jobs in this environment will be more difficult.


Downsizing in your Industry? Don't wait for the inevitable, plan for the probable

Perhaps some people can see the future in a crystal ball - the rest of us wish we could. Clearly current employment trends indicate that it is the wise employee that takes control of their career and remains informed of what is happening in the workplace today in order to develop skills that may be required in the future.  We need to position ourselves to take advantages of changes.

Recruitment today is a whole new ball game.

Career development and job search techniques for the new global economy
Acquiring proactive and advanced job search and career development  knowledge is essential in order to operate in a global economy. You will find free career development and support, job search assistance and career and job search resources on this site. All the information is essential reading if you want to find your dream job or advance your career.
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What you will find in the Job Search Assistance / Resource Centre


 How to Win a Job and increase your potential earning power


How to Look for Work in a Less Crowded Market  -


Career and Employment Opportunities

Career and Employment Opportunities are everywhere.

This section is extremely useful for getting information about your industry, where the jobs are, and material to assist you to make a career choice by;

  • Taking control of your career by researching industries and companies that have employment opportunities in your skill area or occupation/trade.

  • Gaining an insight into the labour market to identify potential employers and sources of vacancies.

  • Assist with writing an action plan to provide a framework for your job search. See Action Plan

If you do this you will stay ahead of the market and operate in a less crowded environment.

Section includes:-

  • Comprehensive government resources to use, for example, the Hudson report which charts where the jobs will be in your area in the future (Australia). excellent information for potential immigrants - to Australia or from other states.

  • The Australian Job Guide to assist with career planning.

  • stacks more Australian information about the labour market.

  • How to conduct employment market research and how to use the internet to conduct employment market research

  • Recruitment Agencies dealing with specialised Jobs

Recruitment Methods

18 different recruitment or hiring methods are identified and discussed. This section provides comprehensive information on how to apply for jobs requiring different job search methods - approaches and processes.The advantages and disadvantages of both traditional methods and the internet are discussed further in How to Look For Work


How To Look For Work

Now that you know where you are going, you have your resume you need to know how to go about looking for work. I bet the first thing you will do is get onto the internet and conduct internet job search using internet job banks or online job boards.


This section discusses why you shouldn't ignore traditional job search methods in favour of internet job search. It provides indexed information on recruitment methods.

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Application for a Job -  Letters   5 SECTIONS


Job Application Letters

Each recruitment method will require you to communicate verbally or in writing using different job application methods. Writing an effective and powerful job application letter is crucial to winning a job. Not all letters will be to the employer - many will go through third parties and not all letters will be letters of application. You will need to learn how to write  prospecting letters, letters of interest and letters to generate leads from people within your network.  Each job recruitment method will  require written communication with different content. This section looks at different job application letters for different circumstances and gives examples. it also makes a distinction with a Application Letter: Advertised Job (looks at effective letter content) which is in a section of its own.  Both sections must be read to write an effective job application.

How to Write a Winning Job Application  - Application Letter For an Advertised Job This section is a valuable resource providing you with techniques for writing a winning job application letter. Your letter must have a logical letter format - the beginning, the middle and the end, and make use of marketing techniques. Comprehensive cover letter contents include:

Application Letter - Using Marketing Techniques

Tricks of the trade so powerful they will put you way ahead of the competition.

If you are looking for a step by step process of writing a compelling job application letter that will lead to a job offer then this is where you need to be. You will find valuable insights and techniques to help you create a message with irresistible appeal to your target market.


This section looks at using sales and marketing techniques in your job application letters. Don't miss it. This is for the serious jobseeker with ambition to succeed in finding a better job with higher pay. It requires a commitment to learn and implement the latest job search methods.

How to Write a Business Letter  shows you how to set out a letter in the correct business letter writing format and also has valuable information about reading principles, which is very important and not found elsewhere unless taken from this site.  A letter that is set out badly will make an unfavourable impression. There is much more to letter writing than you probably know. No matter how good you think you are at writing letters using the correct format, just take a peak at this section.  Even senior professional managers make critical mistakes that probably cost them the job.


Your Letter Writing Guide

Any type of job application letter must conform to  the layout and format of a formal standard business letter. Contents include:-

Sample Job Application Letter

This page provides you with an example of a job application letter for each employment situation.

Prospecting letters for cold (calling canvassing) and networking.

Prospecting letter for a retrenched manual worker

Job Search Assistance and Interview Methods and Techniques



Job interview Process and Questions

This section looks at the interview process and interview questions and answers - what the employer wants to hear from an applicant in a job interview situation. Contents include:-

  • Types of interview questions

  • Informal unstructured interview technique

  • The formal structured interview technique

  • How the formal interview technique is structured

  • Open and closed questions

Interviews - Job Interview tips

This section provides you with comprehensive tips on how to participate in an interview with a definite plan and more confidence. Contents include:-

Develop A Job Search Action Plan

Do you just apply for advertised positions or are you proactive and look for job

leads?  Instead of waiting for jobs to be advertised you can be proactive and expand your knowledge of the labour market by conducting employment market research in order to gather job information needed to develop a job search strategy.


A successful job search strategy requires a variety of skills, tools and techniques.

This section discusses why you should do an action plan and how to write one.

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Comprehensive Information on Accessing the Hidden Job Market

Through Cold Calling and Networking


Career / Professional Networking - How to find a job through networking

Comprehensive information about identifying who is in your network and how to use your network effectively to find a job.

How to Cold Call


Cold Calling Tips

Identify and contact potential employers through the use of cold calling techniques

  • Who do you cold call?

  • How to identify a company to cold call

  • unsolicited cold calling lettersUp to the Top of the Page

Resources to Assist with Job Search


Job Search Resources

Recommended books and software to make your job search easier and more effective.


Job Search Articles

A lot of very useful articles to inspire you and to make you job search more effective.

If you don't find what you want go to this easy to use search facility for ClickBank and see 2,000 books including some of the best selling Job Search and Career Development books.


Career | Employment

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