Bufton Family History Book

                               "Our Ancestors"

Descendants of William Bufton and Hannah Wiltshire in Western Australia




 First family lines in Australia


Our ancestors and their contribution to the growth of a new colony – Western Australia


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The aim of this book is to bring our ancestors stories to life within the context of the social and economic conditions of the 19th century. Only then can we appreciate their fortitude in moving forward and overcoming severe hardship.


Only one of the lines can be called a true pioneer in the common use of the word. In the broader sense: A pioneer is a person who goes to a new, often uninhabited or uncivilised part of a country to live and work there. Many of our ancestors were pioneers of the outback - now regional areas of WA. 

Western Australia would not have flourished if it were not for the indentured labourers, convicts, pensioner guards and sponsored immigrants who came out within the first 25 years of settlement. Many went to remote and new areas to settle. They became pastoralists and graziers and participated in the early pearling and timber industries. They became gold prospectors and can lay claim to finding the first gold in the Mt.Magnet area.  Others contributed to the building of the Swan River Colony's infrastructure and built private housing and places of worship for the growing population - generally our ancestors provided much needed skills and labour for the new colony to grow.

They were trailblazer in the new colony. When they arrived in the colony they had no wealth and many were illiterate, but their contribution to the growth of the colony cannot be denied.  Above all they produced a new generation of Western Australians and fulfilled the early settler’s criteria for a balanced and more settled colony. So the female lines also contributed in a very essential way.

Clearly they have provided a  heritage you can be proud of.

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