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Tender Writing / Tender Opportunities

If your company has the capacity to deliver government services to required standards, Pro-Active Human Resource Management

can assist you to write a powerful and persuasive tender submission

that will stand out above others.

Been there, tried that?

If you haven't been successful with tender submissions in the past it is probably because you didn't address the tender's criteria adequately and competitively.


Tender writing is time consuming and very specific. Tender submissions must address the qualitative and compliance criteria or they will fail. Documents that do not contained the content the organisation wants will not be successful. This includes leaving out a business profile or a capability statement.

Your business also needs to demonstrate that they have good business practices in place and these can be incorporated into the company profile   See Here  If you cannot supply these policy documents you cannot proceed with your tender submission.

Pro-Active Human Resource Management has the experience to prepare a professional company profile or capability statement for small business that highlights and sells your organisation's experience, strengths and uniqueness, to strengthen your tender application.

When you advertise your services you need to present them professionally. If businesses want to be invited to submit a tender for services, they need to supply appropriate, correct and sufficient information to be accurately assessed.

Pro-Active Human Resource Management can do this for you so that you are not wasting time by writing a tender document that will not be assessed because it was inadequate.

Once you have a Business Profile/Capability Statement  you can answer many of the criteria questions in the tender application.

      We will address the tender criteria so that it: -
  • Is concise, relevant and demonstrates your capacity to deliver tender outcomes.
  • Contains key personnel profiles that highlight their qualifications and capabilities to be able to fulfill the tender contract.
  • Substantiates your claims against the tender criteria, proving you can carry out the tender contract.
  • Takes advantage of the weighing processes for local content  that gives you more points in the tender evaluation, which may put you over the line to win the tender.
  • Packaged and presented concisely, clearly and with visual impact to impress the panel because it is easy to read and therefore easy to evaluate.
  • Identifies and substantiates “value added” services which makes your services highly competitive.
  • Conforms to tender submission requirements and aims to exceed all procurement  requirements.

    Writing a tender submission is not only time consuming for an small business, they are also very complex.  If your business is running to full capacity you may not have the time to prepare and submit a tender application for a one- off project.

    Experienced Writing Consultants know how to do this and can save you many hours of work and can make a difference between winning and losing a tender contract. Consider these points:-

  • High-level consultation is a necessity to produce a winning tender.

  • Pro-Active Human Resource Management does not get involved in the pricing of your tender.

  • Your investment cost will depend upon the information provided, level of consultation and time spent producing the document.

  • There can be no fixed price because every organisation is unique. Quotes will be given after an initial phone consultation.
Tender Opportunities
Looking for tender opportunities?
If your company is thinking of submitting a tender and you want to know more about what is involved in tender preparation, here is some useful information.

Firstly, your each State Government tender or procurement office wants to see you submit a relevant and competitive tender and offers comprehensive support.

You need to register with your State Procurement Office.  For example in WA it  is "Tenders WA" within The Department of Treasury and Finance. It replaced  Gem Tendering as the central online source of information on Western Australian public sector tenders and awarded contracts".

Tendering Information Sources

Currently in WA for example, several government departments provide information on tenders.

State Supply Commission  is the regulatory body. It is a statutory authority established under the State Supply Commission Act  to co-ordinate and oversee the purchase of goods and services across the Western Australian Government. Its primary role is to set policy. It also deals with complaints received from clients or the general public regarding Commission activities .

You can also use this site to keep up to date with what is new, for example, how other government departmental policies can affect your tender submission. At the time of this review there was important information on "The Department of Consumer and Employment Protection plans to release new contract conditions for all cleaning contracts."  You can also see tender opportunities

It is imperative to understand tender policies such as the "Buy Local Policy "and "Value for Money Policy"

The Buy Local Policy is aimed at local areas and geographical regions. If you can fulfill these policies you have a better chance of succeeding with your tender submission. All these need to be in place before you consider writing a tender. So when you get your tender document you can visit this site to see exactly what is needed to write a tender from a policy point of view.

The Department of Treasury and Finance is the administration arm of government that implements policies relating to tenders. They have useful website links to the State Supply Commission. This department implements and manages various government procurement systems and processes, including a the Government’s online tendering facility – Tenders WA.

When you are on The Department of Treasury and Finance site you need to look for tender information relating to buyer information for the private sector.  A lot of the information you will see will related to procurement within the public sector.

Tenders WA

Tenders WA  is the State Government’s online tendering facility. This is the department that you work with to find and submit a tender. You will need to register on their website. Search for a tender in your area. To quote, " It is the central source of information on Western Australian public sector tenders and awarded contracts.. Western Australian government departments use the Bulletin Board to advertise their public tenders and publish all their contractual awards, including sole source purchases over $20,000".

Generic tender requirements.

While there is no generic policy guidelines in WA there are some key documents required for most tenders.  Buy local and value for money (above) are two.  Business practices are also important. Generally a business will have to have in place an Occupational Health and Safety Policy. They will also be required to have a business structure or operational plan.

These can be included in your capability statement or business profile. Visit Tenders WA  and download tenders that are current to see exactly what their requirements are. Basically they will indicate the type of business policy documents  that are needed.  There is no point in waiting until you want to apply for a tender that requires you to have an occupational health and safety policy if you don't have one.

Specific tender requirements

Each tender will have different specifications. Some may require you to be a "preferred provider". That is you must go through a process with a department separate to the tender process.  You need to go into Tenders WA and have a look around at various tenders. Look up "preferred provider status."

How can you get more information to write a tender?

Tendering Information Sessions

Periodically Tenders WA offer very comprehensive information sessions on the tendering process. These are extremely useful and you will be provided with lots of written information that is invaluable. To find out more about these training sessions go to Department of Treasury and Finance, On the left hand index you will see a link for Events. Go into Supplier and you will find information on the next session.

Good luck

Do you want a career in procurement?

The Curtin University Graduate School of Business offers postgraduate studies in strategic procurement at the Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters levels. For more information please visit Curtin's Graduate School of Business website .

Find what you were looking for?

Do another search one Google using only keywords and you state country of origin by using an addition sign, for example  + Victoria if you want specific information or just +Australia.

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Tender Opportunities

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Dear Iris
I would like to thank you for your help. I do not think that I would have been successful without you keeping me on the right track. It was very re-assuring being able to obtain  feedback via the critiques you sent of my tender submission. The advice and guidance you offered on the arranging the information in the tender application in a coherent and relevant manner was very helpful.
Thank you very much
Janet Wallwork , Perth, Western Australia

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