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With so much change in job markets, all employees need skills to take charge of their careers. A new e-book gives 5 strategies to do so.

(PRWEB) January 1, 2006 -- Why prepare for your own layoff? Here are the top ten disasters that could happen to your job.

The company you work for could

1.     “out-source” your department overseas – and eliminate your job.
2.     get new managers in a “hostile take-over” – and eliminate your job.
3.     merge with a competitor – and eliminate your job.
4.     buy more productive technology – and eliminate your job.
5.     hire contractors – and eliminate your job.
6.     decide to side-track your boss – and eliminate your job.
7.     change its product line – and eliminate your job.
8.     “down-size,” lose market-share, shrink – and eliminate your job.
9.     consolidate its operations – and eliminate your location and your job.
10.     go bankrupt through bad management decisions – and eliminate all jobs.

Change can be a hardship – unless planning turns it into an opportunity. All you need is a strategy. Or five of them! A new e-book offers help. It’s called FireProof Your Career: Be Eager To Stay and Prepared To Go. It is practical because it is based on a survey of more than 200 people who had been laid off. Authors Anne Baber and Lynne Waymon asked “What do you wish you had done before you got laid off?”

The responses fell into five categories, so Baber and Waymon devised five strategies to prepare people to be eager to stay AND prepared to go. The strategies guide workers - both blue-collar and white-collar – through step-by-step processes to (1) become “psychologically” self-employed, (2) learn with the next job interview in mind, (3) Make a financial plan that supports them instead of traps them, (4) develop multiple options for career futuring, and (5) take time to build a safety net(work).

By Edward Roby

The downloadable book is available at Better yet, ask the authors about licensing it for your own company’s “knowledge management system.”

FireProof Your Career is by Anne Baber and Lynne Waymon, experts on strategic networking in the workplace. (As you might guess, one of their 5 “FireProof” strategies is to build your network before you need it!) They present keynotes and workshops nationwide and can be reached at 301.589.8633 or through the website. Their company, Contacts Count, is headquartered in Silver Spring, MD.