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Career Support Services

Don't aim to get any job. With a career strategy or job search strategy and some hard work you can get the job of your choice.


Do You Have a Clear Career Direction and a Job Search Strategy?


Before you can write your resume, with or without the assistance of a professional resume writer, you need to have a clear career direction knowledge of the labour market as it applies to your industry and a job search strategy.


No matter what your career concerns, Pro-Active Human Resource Management can assist you with one- on -one career support tutorials or if you just want credible career support options you can access our career resources, which includes some excellent articles and books to assist you to manage your career more effectively.


By accessing our personal services or by accessing career development resources and our one stop FREE Job Search Assistance / Resource Centre, you will gain skills that will assist you to find work faster, by:-

  • Identifying employment and career opportunities and pro-actively market yourself in a highly competitive employment environment.

  • Implementing a job search strategy or action plan.  There is no easy way to reach your career goal. You can make the process easier if you develop and implement a job search action plan. It will still require time, dedication and motivation to reach your career goal.
  • Bringing you with up to date knowledge of job search strategies - Knowing the employment market is absolutely necessary to fulfill you career goals.
  • Working with you to write an effective job application that will get you an interview, providing you have the skills.
  • Providing you with knowledge of interviewing processes and techniques, so you can perform well at a job interview.
  • Showing you alternative, and proven methods, of finding a job in the hidden job market.

See the summary of what is in each section in The Free Job Search Assistance / Resource Centre to assist you with your job search - includes free information not readily available elsewhere.Up to the Top of the Page


Personal Career Consultations/Advice

Do you need personal assistance with your job search?

  • Do you feel that your life going nowhere?

  • Do you want a job change or career change? 

  • Has your job become obsolete or do you need a career change and are not sure where to start?

  • Not sure of your career direction?
  • Unsure how you can use your employment skills?
  • New to the job market? (whatever your age) and need up to date job search strategies and assistance with job applications.
  • Are you confused by job search techniques and looking for a job search strategy to save time and streamline your job search activities.
  • Maybe you want to seek some clarity on your job search methods to get results.
  • Do you need the latest career information and new job search strategies to implement in today’s competitive world?Up to the Top of the Page
Supported Job Search
  • How will you go about targeting appropriate employers for your industry/job classification?
  • Are you truly confident that you will be able to sell yourself effectively in writing and in person?
If you don’t know how to answer these questions don’t worry.  Pro-Active Human Resource Management offers personalised career support to assist you with job search processes.

Don't waste employment and career opportunities and sabotage your job search by using ineffective job search techniques. We will assist you to implement some job search strategies and you will increase your chances of finding a job in a shorter period of time.

Having a targeting action plan will lessen the stress of looking for a job.

Pro-Active Human Resource Management's aim is to make every contact count. This means assisting you to develop a personalised and targeted approach to your job search. We will show you how to target your employment area and make meaningful contacts to get that important interview.

      We provide one-on one tutorials in the following areas: -

  • Career information to identifying your employment areas.
  • Identifying potential employers and use effective communication skills to speak to the decision maker.
  • How to cold call and network effectively and proactively and get results.
  • Writing winning job application letters and other employment letters such as cold calling and networking.
  • Developing effective interview skills, including how to deal with good and bad interviewers.
  • Preparing for job interviews - know what to expect and what is required of you.
  • How to handle the pre-interview questions in a phone interview.
  • How to perform well at a bulk employment interview situation.
  • Practice interview questions and answers.
  • Preparing for a panel interview.

Tutorials are tailored to your main area of need. All tutorials include career planning worksheets if required and  other handouts relevant to the tutorial. Up to the Top of the Page

The more professional job seeker, project and construction workers and engineers, for example, will find networking an appropriate strategy. It is commonly believed that 60% or more of job seekers find jobs in this manner.

Did I hear you say you are already networking?

Good, then lets be more proactive and increase your contacts to make them more effective. This will decrease the time you spend unemployed. We will show you how to formalise the networking process and increase your chances tenfold of finding employment. If you don't want a tutorial see Networking for Success in the FREE comprehensive job search guide on this site

Self-Directed Job Search

.Everything you want to know about finding the right career and finding the job of your choice.

Key job search techniques you will use to find you next job or take your career to the next level

Pro-Active Human Resource Management  has a comprehensive Job Search and Career Support information, and it is FREE.

We provide 18 sections on Job Search. Check out the prιcis of each section at the Job Search Assistance / Resource Centre Index

You may also want to look at our past newsletters for a lot more information not contained in our job search section.

There is no 'hype', in the newsletters, just sound well proven sales methods.

We will give you processes, not 'one fits all' solutions. You are unique, so your job search methods need to be adapted to suit you. Up to the Top of the Page   

Resources for Self-Directed Job Search and Career Direction

Resources for Interview techniques / tips and interview questions and answers

If you are looking for interview questions, answers and mock interviews and if you are serious about winning that job, hear what Bonnie Lowe has to say on "acing that interview >>>  see more.

Complete Interview Guide

Learn how to answer interview questions like a pro so that no matter what an interviewer asks you, you'll be calm, cool, and confident.  Answers to tough questions, situations, possible interview questions and 3 practice interviews. Bonus - 49 Questions to Ask the Interviewer. 

Go to Interview Questions and  Interviews  on this site. Free job search resources have been written by a qualified and experienced Human Resource Management ConsultantUp to the Top of the Page


Already employed and looking for a less time consuming way to write personalised letters using template software?

Make no mistake, you still have to do the research, however there is brilliant software to produce excellent content and templates to make application writing a breeze. I concur with the author of this software when he states:- "Everywhere you turn you'll find the same FLAT cover letters that have been putting employers and hiring managers to zzzzleep since the beginning

of time!"

You also receive 3 bonus's with your order

Top 3 Award-Winning Cover Letters", Amazing Job Interview Success and BIG 3   Salary Negotiation Secrets to download for immediate use.--> Find out More


Application Letters- examples, Look at the Job Search Assistance / Resource Centre for the Letter Writing Guide and other application information.

Also look at our Career Development ResourcesUp to the Top of the Page and Career Development


If you don't find what you want go to this easy to use search facility for ClickBank and see 2,000 books including some of the best selling Job Search and Career Development books.


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Personal career consultation and advice.

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It has been great working with proactivehrm especially their great level of professionalism in writing the resume. Their prompt reply has also made it easier for communication during the process of writing the resume and also their extra effort in finding out the Logistics industry news for me. Thank you!
Ho Yi Hua, Malaysia


I was offered a casual position at ……..I'm very happy with my new position …I would like to thank you very much for kick-starting my future with a wonderful resume and bringing me up to date with new employment techniques e.g.. selection criteria's.
Tricia, Darwin NT.

{ More Testimonials]

Note: My own statistics show that 90% of semi and unskilled job seekers participating in job search/career transition workshops got their last jobs from networking.

Iris Wood

Keys to success - How to Advance Your Career


If you couldn't come up with achievements this time you will in your next resume if you follow some of the excellent advice in these resources.  In Particular an invaluable resource is

Find out more

How can you contribute to your company's bottom line? 

People don't get promotions handed to them on their plate.  They have to earn them and them.  This resource will help you get noticed and advance your career. See our Career Support Resources and Career Support Articles

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Resume Tips  

Keep your Resume Updated -

Even if you are not looking  for a job.

It is necessary to keep your resume updated. Why? For example, to take advantage of internal promotions or to ask for a raise.


It is also possible that you may be head hunted and asked for a resume, or you may just hear about a job you would like to apply for.


Don't leave your resume update until you need it. A delay in getting your resume to a prospective employer could cost you a job opportunity.

Making a Career Change?

If you are changing career direction it is imperative that your resume reflects all you transferable skills. Your resume has to be target to your new career direction while at the same time stressing your work history. 


Our experienced Career and

Resume Consultant can work with you to provide an appropriate career change resume to give you a much higher rate of success.


If you don't know what work you are suited for you might want to take this Free Career Test




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