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Career Management Newsletter - Index

Do you want to know how to get promoted, earn more money or find a job of in record time so that you are not losing money?

Discover tips, techniques and tools to advance your career, get a raise, or fast track your job search to get the  job of your choice

This page contained a newsletter subscription. This is no longer available as there is a mountain of job search material on this site


In due course all the past newsletters will be added as a "newsletter archive" section. 1-14.  

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 Career Management Newsletter - Issue 1

   Career Management Newsletter - Issue 1.5

 Career Management Newsletter - Issue-2

  Career Management Newsletter  -Issue -3

 Career Management Newsletter - Issue 4

 Career Management Newsletter - Issue 5

 Career Management Newsletter - Issue 6

 Career Management Newsletter - Issue 7

Career Management Newsletter - Issue 8

Career Management Newsletter - Issue 9




     Issue 1  

  • Take control of your job

  • Educate yourself- work on your weakest areas

  • Networking for success

  • Employees who are we looking for?

  • Surviving in the Workplace.

     Issue 1.5

    Issue 2

  • Succeed by taking risks.

  • Advocating dishonesty - Is a dishonest resume really worth the risk of being discovered.

  • What makes work fun

     Issue 3

     Issue 4

  • How to rise above disappointment.

  • Using questions skillfully

  • Lunch - for wimps?

  • Focusing on growth.

  • Giving presentations - a highly marketable skill.

  • Paper Clips.

   Issue 5

  • Succeed the natural way

  • Success Story - Asking your company for training / professional development.

  • Business skills training

  • Settling successfully Into your new Job

   Issue 6

   Issue 7


  Issue 8


  • Ensuring your employment files Is kept up to date: Position yourself for success.

  • When does your resume need updating?

   Issue 9

  • 10 ways to reclaim your self esteem

  • Thank you letters/job application sample letters

  • Following up 








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