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Your Resume Investment


An investment in a quality professional resume can change the course of your life and increase your earning potential


 Firstly, whatever services you choose, you are paying for professional business services and a Resume Writer's time and expertise.

For example, it can take up to 15 hours or more to complete some resumes to delivery stage.  This is a huge investment of your resume writer's time that must be taken into account.

Putting your investment into perspective.

The cost of a professional resume.
Assessment of resume development charges. All online resume services include:-

Highly detailed in depth gathering of information via email or one free landline phone consultation (in Western Australia or Australia depending on time difference) if necessary:  Formulation and implementation of a resume writing strategy which involves:-

  • Sending out an Information gathering questionnaire specifically designed by Pro-Active Human Resource Management, to prompt you to think about your job and achievements and any other relevant material needed to write a professional resume.
  • Collation of this information and seeking clarity if necessary.
  • Research of your industry or past employers.
  • Research on your job classification.
  • Development a strategy.
  • Resume compilation/writing/formatting
  • Proof reading.
  • Draft copy with further consultation.
  • Compilation and typing of your final copy
  • Time consuming communication by email.

We also provide

  • An email or hard copies of your resume. No additional charges.
  • Career development. You will receive advice on how you can turn your next document into a more focused outcome based resume in the future, if appropriate and depending upon your occupation. No unreal expectations.

A very conservative rate for a Professional  Resume Writer is $100 per hour.  This of course is not what is charged. Remember though the Consultant is running a business, and this rate includes all expenses involved.

The market has restricted the true value of the services offered by a capable Human Resource Management Consultant with a proven history of success in resume writing.

Like any service it is a business and will carry overheads.  Pro-Active Human Resource Management is a professional service and business, not a backyard operation.  We are not a 24 hour service. Because it is an online service we are open for phone contact from 8.30am-12.30pm Monday - Friday. We can be contacted by email 24/7.Yet, prospective clients ring at night and weekends- sometimes at late as 9pm!. No-one would contact their dentist at that hour would they? Do you think they really understand that a resume is a professional service to be delivered by a qualified person?  You have to wonder.

Consider a quality outcome based resume as an investment in your future that can increase your earning potential and maximise your chance of getting the job of your choice.


It makes sound economic sense to engage a

Professional Resume Consultant.


The earning potential for a professional, in most occupations, can be between $50-$150,00 per year. Your investment can be less than an eighth of your weekly income.   This is a fraction of an executive or mine worker’s salary. Your Resume Writer is getting much less than your hourly rate.

Consider these points.

Some typing agencies can charge $13-17 per page for copy typing a resume. A gardener asks $60 per hour for unqualified services. They must be able to recoup petrol cost and other incidentals. Your electrician will charge $90 + $120 for a call out fee. But you know all this already. 

So you can see that if you are paying less you can expect less.  If you are thinking of having a resume done to increase your job opportunities, don’t skimp. You know the old saying, “you get what you pay for”.  Do you really think you are going to get a high quality professional resume for $100-$120? The Resume Consultant may go to your home and then deliver your product with a disk and copies (or maybe not).  Now you don't have to be Einstein to work out their hourly rate.  Would you like to contract someone who values their time and skills at $5 per hour.

A professional resume writer requires a sound knowledge of the labour market, human resource management recruitment methods and possess qualification or expertise in the area. Therefore, they must  be remunerated accordingly.

NOTE; Your resume can be copied into any format and you do not have to come back to Pro-Active for any additional copies. Once the service has been finalised there is no additional charge unless you request an additional service (Set out in our price list) .

Between 2002 - 2007 we re-wrote 127 resumes that were written by so called Resume Writers.  This is double than previous years. I advise you to check your consultant out before you accept any services.

Please be aware.  A Resume Writer may offers to provide you with two bound copies and no disk.  If you want any additional bound copies (not copies you can photocopy) they will probably cost you $10 each.  You need to ask questions about what they actually offer in their service. The resumes I have seen, and had to redo, are absolutely disgraceful.  Nor do employers want bound copies.  The practice appalls me, but the quality of resume appalls me even more.***

Footnote: During 2008 I have had only one resume in this category so lets hope we have seen the last of these mavericks.



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