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Resume and Career Support Services and Pricing


Career Support

1. Standard 6  Executive Advice/Consultations
2. Early Career 7. Professional Profile Job Search Support
3. Mid Career Resume / CV Review Selection Criteria Review
4. Middle Management Optional Extras Selection Criteria/Book
5..Senior Management Plain Text (ASCII) Conversion Letters

A Professional resume, crafted by an experienced resume consultant, can change the course of your life and increase your earning potential.

Pro-Active Human Resource Management apologises that we are not currently taking work due to illness

How much will you invest to achieve a job worth between $60,000-$160,000?

Have a look at our pricing structure and tell us another investment that could bring you this return on your money?


Choose your resume service. Examples of occupations are only a guide. Prices can be revised up or down when documents are received.  If good usable resume information is provided and used verbatim, allowances in the pricing structure will be made. 

Contact us -Send your old resume for a quote   See our Resume Samples    

Value of your Investment        


Your resume will be personalised to your experience , skills and career goals, Scroll down to see more details of each classification or click on the links above.


                            All prices in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST





1. Standard

Undergraduate and postgraduate students (excluding masters/PhD). Skilled workers up to 3 years experience in the workplace or 1-2 jobs, and semi skilled or unskilled workers with up to 7 years in the workplace. Solid and capable.



  • Reflects your employment strengths and employment potential

  • Targeted to your career goals

  • Emphasis will be on competencies and experience

  • Highlights how theoretical knowledge and skills gained from study/training can be transferred into the workplace

  • Relevant keywords for electronic matching

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Your investment - $137.00


2. Early Career

Leaving entry level - ambitious and ready to move to a higher level position. Category includes masters/PhD graduates, administrative positions, customer service, trades, and technical backgrounds, qualified/experienced in specific fields.

This category may include skilled workers  from with over 3 years experience in the workforce or 4-8 jobs, and most semi skilled or unskilled workers with over 7 years in the workplace in non managerial roles. May fit into the "standard "category. Speak to us.


  • Format relevant to your industry/occupation

  • Option for project based resume rather than a chronological resume
  • Markets your qualifications/skills and their relevancy to your career goals
  • Demonstrates your promotional potential
  • Highlights your breadth of experience
  • Relevant keywords for electronic matching

  • Bonus 1. One free minor upgrade

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Your investment - $177.00



















 3. Mid Career                                         

Experienced professional. This category includes any person who has reached a higher degree of professionalism within their industry with sound knowledge and skills. May be in lower level management and have a basic supervisory role. Tends to work in a team environment and wants recognition for contribution to team goals. Ready to move on to a higher level managerial role or a position with a higher level of accountability. Note: some positions will fit in between Intermediate and professional.  Quote given.


  • Focused on career goals
  • Demonstrates a wide range of skills and experience, or specialised skills and experience
  • Clearly shows career advancement and leadership potential
  • Positive and dynamic wording
  • Quantifies any achievements
  • Powerful relevant keywords for electronic matching

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Your investment – $227.00

4. Middle Management                         

Experienced middle manager or has a high level of responsibility and accountability. Has sound supervisory and leadership experience. This category includes Branch Managers or Area Managers, Snr. Project Managers. They will be responsible for achieving targets and organisational goals. Generally reports to a General Manager.


  • Targeted to employment goals
  • Highlights measurable achievements.
  • Professional Profile
  • Demonstrates specialist areas of expertise/interest
  • Depth and breath of knowledge highlighted
  • Demonstrates highest level of accountability
  • Powerful relevant keyword format for electronic matching

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Your investment – $267.00


5. Senior Management

Operates at a high level in the organisation. Able to make fiscal decisions and operates within a large budget. Generally reports to a board of directors.

Most often holds the title of General Manager.


  • High impact and powerful wording
  • Demonstrates specialist areas of expertise
  • Strong Professional Profile
  • Quantifies successes in terms of  productivity, growth and workplace change, for example.
  • Demonstrates effective management of human resources

  • Powerful relevant keyword format for exact matching.

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Your investment –  $347.00

6. Executive

Senior Management. Includes all Professionals with a high level of accountability. Responsible for substantial budgets


  • High impact and powerful wording
  • Dynamic Professional Profile
  • Quantifies successes in a highly competitive corporate environment
  • Demonstrates effective leadership
  • Powerful relevant key word format for exact matching.

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   Your investment     –      From $397.00

7. Professional Profiles

Suitable for people in the arts, fashion design, for example, or people who have been in business and want to enter paid employment or want to remain self-employed and need to market their services. Also suitable for some engineers, construction and project workers.

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 Your investment –based on the work involved

Resume /CV Review        


We will evaluate your resume based on the competitiveness of your document against the current market for your skills.

  • Your resume will be assessed from an employer's perspective.

  • We will provide a comprehensive report on how you can make it more competitive to get that crucial interview.

  • Complete the Order Form.

  • e-mail us your current resume, a job you have applied for and the cover letter accompanying it.

  • A final quote will be provided after documents received.

  • Note: documents must be sent separately to proactivehrm@tpg.com.au.  They cannot be attached to the order form.

  • Use subject line : "Resume evaluation documents"

Contact us for an obligation free quote

Your investment – from $47.00

Optional Extras

Plain text resume conversions (ASC11)

      Often used by job Search sites.

See How to post your resume on the internet  

Your investment – $45.00

Hard copies of resumes.

Choice of quality paper, disk or CD

Please quote item number in comments section of the order form.

10 copies from a laser printer on good quality 80 gsm bright white paper and copied onto a floppy disk or CD. Includes packaging and postage.

(Item number 101)

Your investment – from $37.00

10 copies from a laser printer on good quality 90 gsm white linen paper and copied onto a floppy disk. Includes packaging and postage. Also available in subtle coloured parchment paper.

(Item number 102)

Your investment – from $47.00

Resume on CD

Includes necessary packaging and postage.

(Item number 103)

Your investment – $15.00


Up to the Top of the PageCareer Support

Career Support. Advice/Consultations

1 Hour Consultation $70.00

½ Hour Consultation $35.00

This includes an additional 15 minute interview preparation consultation before the consultation takes place.

Customised in depth career transition counselling by arrangement.

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Up to the Top of the Page Job Search Support





Customised  telephone interviewing based on very specific needs.

Hourly rate includes pre-counselling preparation and appropriate handouts.  The client needs to set out specific concerns and show copies of application letters or specific examples of problem areas if required. Session usually run over into 1.5 hours at no additional cost.

  • Career focusing
  • How to perform well at interviews
  • How to increase your networking contacts and how to use your network.
  • Developing a targeting plan - Research

Coaching sessions include tutorial handouts and you have the option of recording the interview.   Ask me and if you do not have the facilities.

Your investment - $75.00


Up to the Top of the PageSelection Criteria Review


Due to the success rate in client's gaining interviews, and the high failure rate at the interview, this company no longer writes selection criteria. Selection criteria applications must be done by the applicant.  Gaps in the knowledge of 'processes' are clearly demonstrated at the interview.

When you have completed the document we will review it in depth and make suggestions for changes.  Cost will depend on the level of position.  Quote will be provided once the documents are received. Provide the selection criteria and all job requirements, including job description. 

Contact us for an obligation free quote

Your investment - Minimum price is $47.00.  Quote given depending on work involved

Selection Criteria/Book  

Write a Winning Job Application : A Guide to Selection Criteria

"Writing a Winning Job Application", Lloyd White (3rd Edition)   Lloyd White's book on addressing selection criteria is available for our order page.  Lloyd is the renowned expert on this area of job applications.

Very fast deliver service.

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Your investment - $26.00  includes postage.



Up to the Top of the Page Letters


Application letter- For an specific position

We also write generic cover letters to send to Recruitment Firms but not generic cover letters for advertised positions.

Your investment -from  $45.00


Letters for technical or specialist occupations need to be discussed.


Learn how to write your own "no failure rate" letters with The Amazing Cover Letter Creator available for immediate download.

Software to make your job search easier an can churn out personalised letters in minutes. Lots of job application opening statements and phrases  for body and closing statements. .All information at you fingertips. Feed into a template.  Customise letters to address employer needs. Use this software in anyway you wish. Couldn't be easier.

Highly recommended. Follows many or Pro-Active's own ideas on writing a successful job application.



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